Yoga Props’ Sales Proceed for Set-Up Capital Tofu Production in Montalban

Presentation Self-RelianceTofu Corporative (2of2)-Montalban (R1.1)
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For the past few weeks i have been cracking my head to find ways to fund this project. i thought of starting a 1-day yoga workshop to raise fund, but it make not much sense, unless it is a special workshop. Moreover, i need to look for faster way to get the fund.

Finally, at one point, i was trying to source for yoga belts for my yoga class, so i went to the internet to search for it. With Divine Grace, i found a site that sells in bulk discount. With the support of a good friend, Amy, who is also a yoga teacher, she offered to help in selling the yoga props in her classes. With a collective effort, of the like minded people, it will be more encouraging. My order of 40 pcs yoga belts and 10 pcs of yoga blocks have just arrived on Tuesday. 🙂

It is not a huge order, but we will give this a try. In selling the props, it will create awareness for Montalban’s project (hopefully people come forward with their kind contribution) and all the proceed from these sales will fund for the setup capital of the tofu corporative project. If there are more orders, we could always order for the 2nd batch!

Montalbal Rangers please be patient with me! Hope the fund will come to you really soon.

Give some thoughts to how you can support a community project! 🙂